FAQ for MPNashville615.com


1. What do my dues go toward, and how are they calculated?

HOA dues are the primary (often sole) income for communities, and they are utilized to fund the community’s operating budget and reserve contributions. Operating budgets will be comprised of various expense line items that the community is responsible for, and standard examples include landscaping, insurance, common area utilities, general maintenance, management,  contracted vendors such as pest control or pool companies, postage etc. Dues amounts are calculated in partnership with the Board with the explicit intent to balance the association’s expenses as well as earmark reserve funds for emergencies and capital improvements. The community budget is available to all homeowners on the homeowner portal along with monthly financial reports.

2. What is the role of the Metropolitan Properties?


Metropolitan Properties exists to partner with the Board of Directors in executing the community’s action items as directed by the board. MPM does not set the association’s budget, dues structure, or community rules and regulations. Instead, our role is to carry out the wishes of the community, as represented by their elected Board of Directors. The pillars of Metropolitan Properties’ service model include speed, expertise, and courtesy.


3. What is the role of the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer homeowners who are elected by the community to represent the community’s interests in the management and direction of the community’s operations and business. When partnering with Metropolitan Properties, the Board of Directors’ primary task is to direct: make decisions and clarify desired action items, which are then executed by our team. 

4. What are the Governing Documents?

HOAs and Condo Associations are not governed by individuals, but by a set of legal documents that are interpreted by individuals. The governing documents are usually comprised of a Charter, Master Deed, Bylaws, and Rules and Regulations.  The documents operate sequentially and hierarchically, outlining everything from mandates in insurance coverage to identifying which party is responsible for the maintenance and repair of particular elements. The Board of Directors as well as each homeowner is legally obligated to uphold and comply with these documents.



1. Where should I mail my payment for HOA dues? 

Payments should be mailed to our lockbox payment processing center at:

Metropolitan Property Management


P.O. Box 650322

Dallas, TX 75265-0322

*Please include your property account number in the memo line of your check to ensure accuracy of your payment posting. If you do not know your account number, please call our office at 615-915-3204 or email billing@mpmnashville.com.

2. Can I send my payment to the Nashville office?

Yes, but for security reasons, we use a lockbox processing center via Pacific Premiere Bank (PPBI) to process all owner payments. There is no local Tennessee banking solution for community banking so we use PPBI bank as they exclusively perform community banking. Their processing center has security measures in place to ensure your account information is protected and payments are processed daily. So, for the safest and most efficient way to mail in a payment, please use the lockbox system.

3. Can I pay my monthly HOA dues online?

Yes! See below:

a. Please go to www.mpnashville615.com home page and navigate to “Homeowner Portal”. 

b. Login to your Homeowner Portal, where you will then navigate to “Make a Payment”. If you do not have a portal login, please email billing@mpmnashville.com. 

c. The payment options we offer online are one-time eCheck, Auto Draft, Recurring eCheck, and Credit Card. If you choose to pay via credit card, please email billing@mpmnashville.com. We use a third-party credit card payment website, so Page will have to set you up with a separate login. There is a 2.95% convenience fee for all card payments.

d. If you have a balance on your account, you will need to pay that balance off via one-time eCheck or credit card BEFORE you can set up Auto Draft or Recurring eCheck. 

e. If you have any issues making payments, please email billing@mpmnashville.com.

4. What happens if I don’t pay my dues? 

Late payments will result in late fees and late notices as assessments are due on the first day of the month (monthly dues), first day of the quarter (quarterly dues), or first day of the year (annual dues) depending on your community’s governing documents. The Governing Documents allow an Association to proceed with filing a lien on your property, or foreclosure proceeding for nonpayment of assessments. 

5. What is the purpose of the homeowner portal? 

The homeowner portal allows owners to see their account ledgers, send in maintenance/ARC requests, set up assessment payments, access association documents, etc. If you need to be set up with a portal login or have questions about access, please email billing@mpmnashville.com

6. Where is your office located?

We are located at 4521 Trousdale Drive, Nashville TN 37204. Our office is located on the west side of Trousdale Drive, just south of the rail road tracks, across from Grassmere.

7. Who should I call if I have an emergency? 

If our office is closed and you have an emergency, please call our regular office number at (615)-915-3204. We have an on-call property manager to handle all emergencies, so please follow the prompts on our voicemail to be connected to him/her. 

8. What is considered an emergency?    

An emergency is anything that affects your or another resident’s personal safety and/or could cause property damage. Water intrusion, fire, elevator malfunction, are examples of emergencies.  Accessibility is also something that should be addressed immediately to include gates, access control systems, and elevators. Note that managers are trained to evaluate emergencies through the lens of the governing documents’ assignment of responsibility.

9. I received a violation notice and I need to speak with someone about it. Who can I talk to?

Your community manager is the appropriate contact to speak with about a violation notice. He/she can clarify and answer any questions, as well as explain measures to correct and/or resolve the issue(s) present. If you are unsure who your community manager is, please contact the office at 615-915-3204 and let the receptionist know which community you live in, and we will connect you to the proper personnel.

10. I want to make changes or improvements to my home. Am I allowed to do that, and what do I need to do in order to be approved?

Your community’s governing documents will dictate what types of improvements and alterations are permitted or restricted. Most community documents will outline procedures for approval through an Architectural Review Committee (ARC), and have forms and processes for approval. You may download the ARC form via the homeowner portal and submit to your manager who will take it to the Board or ARC for review and approval. If you wish to discuss your project more in depth, please reach out to your community manager.



1. I am a vendor and need to send you an invoice. Where should I mail invoices?

If at all possible, please email your invoice to: invoices@mpmnashville.com. Emailing your invoice will ensure payment is made sooner than by mail. If you choose to mail, please mail invoices to our office at:

Metropolitan Property Management

4521 Trousdale Drive

Nashville, Tennessee 37204

2. If I need to get set up as a vendor in your system, what should I do? 

Please email your contact info and a W9 to AP@mpmnashville.com.

3. May I pick up my check at your office?

No. We use a 3rd party accounts payable system to process all invoices and payments, so your check will be mailed to the address specified on your invoice. 




1. How can I request information about a property? 

We use a website called Homewisedocs.com for all HOA closings and refinances. If you do not already have an account, you will be prompted to set one up. Homewisedocs.com offers everything from closing letters and questionnaires, to insurance docs, governing docs, annual meeting minutes, etc. If there is a document you need that is not on Homewisedocs.com, please email jessica@mpmnashville.com.

2. Do you charge a transfer fee? 

Yes, there is a fee due to Metropolitan each time a property transfers ownership in any of the communities we manage. This fee varies per association. Prior to closing, a buyer or buyer's agent asks for a Statement of Account/Closing Letter. In completing such docs, we outline whether there are fees on the account that are owed: monthly assessments, special assessments, fines, late fees, liens etc. This is also where we state a transfer fee is owed, working capital etc. Once the closing has been completed, the closing documents are sent to our office by the title company with various checks and documents reflecting the terms reached by the buyer and the seller at closing, requiring our staff to button up the accounting: transferring the old owner out of the association and the new owner in via our internal systems. Because of the time allocation required to complete these processes with excellence, along with the resources that we allocate to do so, we charge a transfer fee.